Corporate Vision

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In 2009, in response to shifting global trends, Epson unveiled SE15, a long-range vision that crystallizes the company's vision for the year 2015 and outlines how we plan to become indispensable to our customers and society. At the same time, we also established the SE15 Mid-Range Business Plan (FY2009 - FY2011), a detailed three-year action plan to put us on track to achieving the goals of SE15.

SE15 Vision Statement

Mid range Business POlicies

The Epson Envisioned in SE15

The graphic below illustrates how Epson is envisioned in SE15 in terms of technologies, business domains, and customer value.

We will pursue perfection of our three precision mechatronics-based core technologies (Micro Piezo, 3LCD, and QMEMS technologies) and create products and services that exceed customer expectations in the printing, projection, and sensing domains.

In addition, we will achieve growth by leveraging the potential of these core technologies so as to meet the needs of customers in emerging economies as well as in the commercial and industrial sector.

Mid range Business Policies


Our aim is to deliver powerful yet easy-to-use printers that delight our global customers. We will do so by leveraging Epson's core Micro Piezo technology to serve the home and business markets, capture business in the commercial and industrial digital printing sectors, develop products that meet the needs of customers in emerging economies, and introduce innovative business models.

Micro Piezo

Epson's proprietary Micro Piezo technology uses piezo elements arrayed in a print head to eject ink materials. The force needed to eject the ink is created by applying a voltage to the piezo elements, causing them to change shape, thus creating mechanical pressure that ejects ink droplets.

Known particularly for outstanding ink ejection control, the ability to accommodate a wide variety of ink materials, and head durability, Micro Piezo technology has the potential to satisfy requirements for applications in a wide range of fields, from the home to the commercial and industrial sectors.


We will provide powerful yet easy-to-use projectors that delight our customers around the world by leveraging our 3LCD technology to move beyond the home, enterprise, and education markets and into the digital signage, large venue, and other high-lumen projector markets.

Micro Piezo

3LCD projection systems compose images with the use of three liquid crystal panels.

Epson uses original technologies to deliver projectors that create bright, natural-looking images that are easy on the eyes.


Our goal is to provide our customers with a diverse device solutions that offer peace of mind, security, and ease of use. To this end, we will use our crystalbased QMEMS technology in the sensing of properties and quantities such as time, pressure, and angular velocity, to drive semiconductor and software technology toward convergence.

Micro Piezo

QMEMS, crystal devices microfabricated in a quartz material using a semiconductor fabrication process, offer the superb characteristics of quartz, including outstanding accuracy and frequency stability. Applying 30-plus years' worth of experience in photolithographic processing of tuning-fork crystal units, we will deliver crystal devices that offer high accuracy and stability in ultra-small form factors.


Meeting market needs for peace of mind, security, and ease of use, Epson is pursuing and perfecting its compact, energy-saving, high-precision technologies to create and deliver new customer value.

Micro Piezo

Epson's expertise and the source of its strength lie in technologies that save energy, time, and unnecessary labor. These technologies enable Epson to create products that are increasingly precise, accurate, and compact and, moreover, that have a reduced environmental footprint.